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3biz stands for luxurious, premium and minimal!!!

At 3biz, we have a great appreciation for the fine things in life. That is because fine things are instilled with the qualities we value the most. These qualities can stem from our upbringing and life experiences or they can be the subject of our aspirations and dreams. Though no one can accurately define what “fine things” are, and people’s opinions vary, there is a common denominator in everyone: fine things appeal to our senses.
Fine things do not have to be grand. They might as well be small, isolated and impromptu. Still, fine things must be present at times, because there are a true source of beauty, happiness and self-accomplishment.

3Biz is Art De La Table!

Art de la table is all about fine things. Dinnerware, glassware and flatware have always been considered symbols of good taste and status, and are indicative of gracious hosts who tend to their dinner guests with the utmost consideration and respect. Exquisite designs, uncompromising styles, as well as a plethora of patterns, color palettes and fine materials come together to create exceptional signature items that can accommodate everyone’s needs and bring added beauty to the table.
Fine things like these are not always easy to come by. But with 3biz rentals, fine things can make their way into your homes and turn your special moments into exciting and blissful journeys